2021 Kitchen Renovation Trends

Kitchen remodeling has become one of the most popular home improvement investments of the new year.  With people spending more time at home due to the pandemic, homeowners are enhancing their living space to adapt to living, working, and schooling at home.  The kitchen is the heart of a home where families and friends gather to dine, socialize, and create memorable experiences.  The design and décor of this space can be enhanced with a few upgrades in function, form, and décor.  

Kitchens reflect the personality of the homeowner

This space can be transformed drastically with budgets big and small.  Cabinetry can be re-surfaced; the room can be painted, and counters can be upgraded for small investments.

Older homes can be updated with simple or complex redesigns, from knocking down walls, upgrading cabinetry and rearranging appliances.  The simplest changes can give a whole new look by updating counter tops and backsplash to add a pop of personal flare. 

Quartz, dark and shiny countertops are leading the trends for kitchen renovations with backsplashes in large solid marbles and small geometric shapes.  Cabinetry is transitioning from the white and grays from 2020 to more of warm and cozy feel with darker cabinets with interesting accents.  Homeowners can explore unique hardware and consider uneven installation.   While families continue to spend more time at home, comfort, warmth, and function is emerging as the new trend in 2021.

Families are adding dining islands, making them a popular addition.   Trendy seating and decorative lighting create a transition to living space that enhance interaction and functionality.   Barstools offer seating for more than just dining.   Creating a new workspace or place to do homework gives families more opportunity to work and spend time together. 


Lighting can add a dramatic or warm feel with LED, up lighting and pendant lights in a variety of designs.  Smart technology such as Alexa and automated appliances add to the modernization and convenience of home living.  

Lighting and technology can be integrated with simple electrical upgrades, adapting to every style of kitchen design from Modern Farmhouse, Industrial, Transitional to Traditional.

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