An interview with Christian Varillas

Core values are the heart of South Florida’s Nazca Construction. As a Former Marine Officer and business owner, Christian Varillas applies the fundamental principles that he learned in the Marines to his successful construction business, specializing in commercial and residential remodeling and new construction.

“November is a special month for us.  It is the anniversary of when I started Nazca Construction, birthday of the Marine Corps and Veteran’s Day.  This time of year, I am reminded of three important core values that I take great pride in how I conduct my business, and my life.  Safety, Integrity and Commitment are the standards and ethics that set us apart from our competition when dealing with clients, subcontractors and vendors on every quote and project,” said Varillas. Celebrating 13 years in business, Nazca Construction’s portfolio of successful projects have proven that values, quality service and accountability are important to business relationships and the bottom line.

In a competitive market for the construction dollar, businesses and homeowners have countless companies and subcontractors to choose from.   Many contractors and handymen may not be licensed, do not have the expertise, work ethic, or may not understand Florida building codes, and or permit requirements.  Quality of work, products and customer service are often lacking, giving the industry a bad reputation.

“As a licensed Certified Building Contractor, MBA in Entrepreneurship and having a minor in Real Estate from Florida Atlantic University, I consider myself an entrepreneur with a Contractor’s license,” said Varillas.  “I advise our clients of what is in their best interest to reach their construction goals, assist with choosing quality materials and tell clients up front concerns and possible issues that my result in additional fees, structural problems or unforeseen issues.  Preparing clients for realistic expectations and timelines for completion is important to guarantee a positive outcome.  Integrity is crucial to get things done correctly.  It is unacceptable to cut corners and imperative to just do the right thing.”  Knowing budgets upfront, Varillas can offer quality services and materials and give his clients options to meet their budgets and expectations.

Managing subcontractors is another challenge that benefits from military experience.  It is one thing to sell and bid a job with high standards, but it requires sound management when depending on others to fulfil expectations. Like a good Marine, Varillas leaves no man behind.  He works alongside his team to ensure effective communication, setting standards for quality workmanship and ensuring a safe workplace.  Varillas takes pride in his leadership with proper training, and personal supervision for every job.  “I am detail oriented from start to finish and committed to excellence.  If I see something done wrong, it gets redone to my standards.  Often my clients are not aware that I made changes or added in some extra services, but my commitment to getting the job done right is the essence of my being and the heart of Nazca Construction.”

This proud Veteran-owned and operated construction company is ready to exceed your expectations and handle all your construction needs with integrity and commitment.  For a complimentary consultation, contact Christian Varillas, a proud Veteran and construction professional.


What began as a business venture in Dallas, Texas in 2007, has become a successful Florida certified building contracting company.   Nazca Construction provides expertise in planning and management from design to full remodeling and new construction.  With a robust portfolio of projects, Nazca Construction’s extensive experience includes investment property rehabilitation, residential and commercial design-build, remodeling, and new construction. Distinguished by the quality of work and efficiency and operated with core values of integrity, commitment, and safety.

Florida Certified Building Contractors | Veteran Owned Business | Licensed and Insured | CBC 1261368