Impact resistant windows offer many benefits to enhance the safety and value of your home


Impact resistant windows are a necessity in South Florida.  It is important to choose a company who has expertise to assist and guide you through the process. Nazca Construction delivers full impact-resistant window and door services, including permit approval, the highest-quality product, installation expertise and excellent customer service.  “Hurricane season runs from June – November, so now is the best time to protect your home and allow for the timely process of permitting, custom material manufacturing and installation,” said Christian —of Nazca Construction.  “We work directly with top manufacturers to expedite the process and provide professional recommendations to match the style of your home and budget.”



Impact Windows are composed of impact-resistant laminated glass, a special silicone glaze to keep the glass from breaking, and a heavy-duty frame.  Durable windows and doors offer five key benefits to homeowners.  The most important isstorm protection, provided by impact-resistant glass which protects from the elements.  Secondly, the resilient material provides shatter proof impact by intruders and provide a safe and secure home.  Next, filtering out UV light makes the home more energy efficient and saves utility costs.  The last two benefits are often not taken into consideration.  Impact windows modernize the home appearance with customed design, insulated laminated glass, vinyl frames and finishes.  This material and air-tight design also reduces exterior noise level inside the home.



Quality service and products are the key to successful home improvement.  It is important to find a company that has experience and a proven track record.  Nazca Construction has been in the South Florida market providing customized construction for residential and commercial properties, for both new construction and remodeling.  They have extensive experience in providing quality customer service, top quality products, design support and value.  Impact windows should be a home renovation priority, for the safety and value of your home.  Hurricane season is around the corner, so allow Nazca Construction to schedule your FREE impact window consultation today.